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Whether you’re coaching one person at a time, leading teams to meet tight timings and stretching objectives or serving clients to reach their dreams, WE offer something for YOU.


We’ve been practicing the art and science of facilitation and dedicating ourselves to learning one project at a time for over 20 years.


Whether you’re a newbie or a master, our passion is to share the very best of what we’ve learned and what we’ve created.

Yes! You may have heard about our brand of crazy.

And you heard right. We share what we’ve created and train our “competition” and our clients to do what we do the way we do it.

No holding back. No black box.

That’s just how much we care about facilitation and facilitative leadership as a way of BEing in the world.

WE are here for YOU! 

Our mission is to provide you with opportunities to think in new ways, to strengthen your foundations, to expand your skills, to connect you with what you care about most and to refresh and reinvigorate you and the work you do EVERY SINGLE DAY!


Amp Up Your Practice with Visual ThinkingAmp Up with Visual Thinking

Join us to learn how using Visuals (Drawing, Imagery, Color) can Amp Up any group session or meeting that you host or attend. This 1-day training shares the fundamentals of using visuals to enhance your everyday meeting facilitation and team sessions. We will share simple activities, tools, tips and graphic recording techniques – lettering, visual icons, use of color – all things you can use right away with your team members, clients and consumers.

We’ll also share how using Graphic Templates to frame and capture group conversation will help your participants learn more, connect ideas faster and be more creative in the process.

We will incorporate a blend of theory with practical application, personal stories and lots and lots of activities.  Mostly, you’ll be playing with visual tools (picture decks, magazine pictures and more) and at the wall drawing on BIG paper with your own new set of markers building your visual literacy!

No drawing experience necessary.  All you need is your hands, your head and your heart.

Attendees will leave this workshop able to confidently lead visual thinking creativity activities and incorporate graphic tools and simple drawing techniques immediately to:

  • Facilitate your teams to see new connections and encourage big picture thinking;
  • Draw more out of participants during discussion groups and in depth interviews, going deeper and broader at the same time;
  • Create group visual memory to increase team alignment and productivity.


Elements-of-Leadership-2Elements of Leadership

In this workshop you will Discover how to lead from a position of balance. Learn about the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Action realms and how they each come into play in your personal leadership style.

So often individuals and organizations overly emphasize one style of leadership, and may not fully honor all participants or yield the strongest results.

Take an inventory of your personal facilitative leadership skills to better understand your personal preferences and how these might be throwing you off balance.  We will think together about how these may or may not fit within the organization(s) you are working in or with and how to pull forward the energies of a more balanced approach to your leadership and innovation.


pic for Elements of FacilitationIntroduction to the Elements of Facilitation

This 1-day workshop provides an introduction to the Elements of Facilitation. You will build understanding of team process from a facilitator’s perspective and explore key focus areas to develop your facilitation mastery.

We will incorporate a blend of presentation of theory with practical application, personal stories and experiential activities. Specific models and practices include: The Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model – How teams work together; The Grove’s Four Flows Facilitation Model; A selection of proven IdeaConnect facilitation principles, practices and Visual Thinking tools to support development of personal Facilitative Leadership skills; IdeaConnect’s Facilitative Leadership Assessment tool.

To fully integrate the Elemental Facilitative Skills we will engage in an array of easy to facilitate creativity activities employing visual thinking tools (pictures, decks, graphic templates and more). In-depth review and reflection following each activity will heighten awareness and surface application to your personal facilitation practice.


Facilitating CreativityFacilitating Innovation and Creativity

This interactive 2-day training provides you with a solid grounding in the Creative Problem Solving Process (CPS) and an assessment of your personal creative thinking preferences using FourSight*. We will share simple tips, time honored practices and visual thinking techniques you can apply right away to facilitate creativity and innovation sessions in a fun, imaginative, practical and visual way. You will explore how divergent and convergent thinking processes can help teams learn more, connect ideas faster and be more engaged in the process.

Start with Yourself – gain an awareness of your personal preferences for the innovation process so you can confidently tap into your natural abilities and seek assistance and understanding for the parts of the process you prefer less.

Understand the Team – consider your team’s creative thinking preferences and understand ways to work better together as you create.

Ground in the Process –learn the process steps to successfully guide a team through problem definition to creative solutions every time.

Learn Practices and Tools – support and enhance the creative process with foundational frameworks, visual tools and energizing activities to inspire divergent and convergent thinking.

At IdeaConnect we’ve learned from the best in the field and have spent over 20 years improving and evolving our own facilitation practice in the field of Creativity, Innovation and Organizational Learning. We are trained in CPS (Creative Problem Solving Process) and FourSight*; we have facilitated groups through Innovation processes; and have trained individuals around the world to apply Creative Thinking, use Visual Thinking tools and apply Facilitative Leadership principles in their everyday work and lives. * FourSight LLC, is an innovation company, dedicated to the science of good thinking. They develop research-based creativity and innovation tools, assessments and training designs proven to help individuals, teams and organizations solve complex problems more effectively.


LCF100refreshLCF100 – Fundamentals of Facilitating LearningConnect®

Our foundational 4-day training provides an introduction and overview of the LearningConnect qualitative research process. This highly interactive session grounds you in the elements of facilitative leadership and in the practical applications of the process preparing you to successfully facilitate your team.

LCF100 Outcomes:

  • A working understanding of the 7 Stages of the LearningConnect® Process.
  • An applied understanding of the basic facilitation practices and graphic recording techniques to effectively support team learning throughout the LearningConnect® Process.
  • An understanding of the basic and expanded uses of the LearningConnect® Graphic Templates through:
    • Hands on practice with the Graphic Templates as a Facilitator and Participant through the different Stages of the Process.
    • Designing activities, making preparations and facilitating using Graphic Templates in a Qualitative Research setting.
    • Experience with several different basic Qualitative Analysis & Synthesis
    • Approaches for data collected on Graphic Templates.
  • Practice using storytelling and visuals in the LearningConnect® Process including basic Analysis & Synthesis approaches.
  • The ability to design a basic LearningConnect® multi-day session applied to your real project.
  • Support and coaching from the Creators of the LearningConnect® Process and a small group of committed learners.

You will also receive a LearningConnect Design Kit, stocked table bag, and templates to get you started right away.


LCF200refreshLCF200 – Advanced LearningConnect® Principles and Practices

Prerequisite LCF100 Fundamentals of LearningConnect.
Our advanced 5-day training activates deeper levels of facilitative leadership mastery which is applied directly to your LearningConnect practice and beyond. LCF200 training also includes specific focus on design and facilitation of LearningConnect Stages 5-7, Analysis & Synthesis, Sharing & Building, and Action Planning; a working understanding of KnowledgeConnect, our proprietary approach to organizational knowledge transfer; a deeper dive into use of visuals and storytelling; and materials including an expanded set of tools and templates.

LCF200 Outcomes:

  • Increase skill in facilitating the LC Process – evolve your facilitation practice to more confidently lead teams through the analysis and synthesis of qualitative data and the transfer of new knowledge. Build a deeper understanding of what it takes and how to successfully move teams from insight to meaningful action.
  • Develop Facilitative Leadership Skills and your unique facilitation style. Focus areas will include:
    • Manage Operations and Ownership – How to coordinate the physical details necessary for planning and delivering a successful session. Build commitment to the content and transfer ownership of the process through ongoing coaching. Align to the power to stand on your own as a facilitator.
    • Manage Information – How to engage and stimulate the mental realm. Provide focus and clarity around learning outcomes and objectives. Combine technology and low tech / high touch approaches to direct the flow of learning. Engage the power of intention to guide your facilitation.
    • Manage Energy – How to tune into the emotional flow as participants learn and apply new information to their work. Invite full participation, build trust in the process and support any resistance to change in order to gain full alignment. Respond to unanticipated change with ease and flexibility. Understand the power of love to work internally and externally as a facilitator.
    • Manage Attention and Action – How to energize grounded action.Enroll and orient to the desired outcomes. Set the energetic pace for the session and add energy to keep things moving. Illuminate new learning through application to the real business. Activate the power of practical action in your facilitative environment.
    • Actualize Your Unique Style – Identify and express your unique, authentic characteristics and creative essence as a facilitative leader.

Receive support and coaching from the founders of IdeaConnect and a focused group of fellow learners. You will also receive tools to support your LearningConnect facilitation practice.


LCF300refreshLCF300 – Independent Field Based Study and LearningConnect® Application

Prerequisite is completion of the LCF 200 Advanced LearningConnect® Principles & Practice Training.

This in-the-field training is intended for those practitioners wishing to explore novel applications of the practices and principles of LearningConnect or who wish to design new processes for their own facilitation practice.

A deeply integrated understanding of the Elements of Facilitative Leadership will be integrated into your developing practice. You will define your unique focus, application and design with input from your Ah Ha! coach, Lynette McCormack.

Successful Completion of LCF300 provides you with:

  • Certification/credentials as a LearningConnect Master Facilitator
  • Membership in an elite LCF Community of Practice – a growing professional network of practitioners to share with and learn from
  • Priority access to the Founders of AH HA! for ongoing support in your evolving practice

Ten hours of coaching is included. Additional coaching hours available at a special reduced rate of $175 per hour.

Let us know if you are interested in exploring this opportunity! Email us at


StorytellingStorytelling and Analysis Training – a Studio Intensive

This 1-day workshop provides an overview of the art and practice of Storytelling in the Qualitative Research setting. We will incorporate a blend of presentation of theory with practical application, personal stories and activities. Materials for each participant will include our Storytelling KitLet the Picture Pick You Card Decks and additional handouts.

Training Outcomes:

  • Ground in the essentials of collecting stories in a qualitative research setting including:
  • Build skill in making sense and meaning from the collected pictures and words including specific visual and linguistic analysis to uncover and discover the deeper insights.
  • Practice utilizing Visual Thinking tools for successful collection, analysis, and synthesis of stories.
  • Explore how to guide and coach client team members in the process.
  • Practice bringing your learning and insights to life in presentations and reports through excerpts and consumer models.

This training will be provided by Lynette McCormack, a pioneer in applying the use of visuals and storytelling in qualitative research, team facilitation and personal visioning for over 20 years. She has continued to evolve her practice of facilitating clients through a structured process to make meaning and sense of articulated and unarticulated content. Her article “Facilitating Your Clients Beyond the Story” was published in QRCA Views, Summer 2012.


Visual_Analysis_RefresherVisual Analysis Refresher Training – a Studio Intensive

This 1-day workshop provides you an overview of the art and practice of using Visuals – magazine images, photographs and picture decks – in Organizational and Qualitative Research settings. We will incorporate a blend of presentation of theory with practical application, personal stories and activities. Materials for each participant will include our Storytelling Kit booklet, a selection of Graphic Templates and additional handouts.
Training Outcomes:
  • Ground in the essentials of collecting visual data including how to:
    • Gather and prepare materials and supplies
    • Create topics that work
    • Engage participants in a variety of activities
  • Build skill in making sense and meaning from a collection of pictures
  • Practice utilizing simple frameworks for successful collection, analysis, and synthesis of visuals
  • Explore how to guide and coach client team members in the process
  • Practice clearly communicating your learning and insights

This training will be provided by Lynette McCormack, a pioneer in applying the use of visuals and storytelling in qualitative research, team facilitation and personal visioning for over 20 years. She has continued to evolve her practice of facilitating clients through a structured process to make meaning and sense of articulated and unarticulated content. Her article “Facilitating Your Clients Beyond the Story” was published in QRCA Views, Summer 2012.

Facilitating Team StartupFacilitating Successful Team StartUp Sessions – a Studio Intensive
As you prepare to facilitate a Kick-Off Meeting or Team StartUp, you are responsible for getting yourself, team leaders and team members ready for the journey ahead.

Are YOU ready?

This experiential half-day workshop provides a grounding in tried and true practices guaranteed to generate personal commitment and team motivation toward shared outcomes and goals – a critical component all too often undervalued and sadly ignored.

This training will get you ready to:

  • Successfully Orient team members;
  • Clarify and Agree on Roles;
  • Establish Ground Rules;
  • Provide Motivation, Clarity and Focus; and
  • Surface questions and ideas for the work ahead.



CoachingFacilitation Coaching

Facilitation Coaching for your LearningConnect or KnowledgeConnect sessions is NOW AVAILABLE!

This personalized hour long coaching session with Lynette McCormack or Susannah Childers can be scheduled to accommodate your schedule.

This powerful one-on-one coaching will help you access your unique facilitative style, renew and refresh your skills, and/or provide essential principles and practices (practical tips) to apply directly to your next facilitated session. Areas covered may include:

  • Managing Operations and Ownership – Physical Realm details and logistics
  • Managing Information – Mental Realm sharing and building knowledge
  • Managing Energy – Emotional Realm safety, security and connection to feelings
  • Managing Attention — Action Realm getting started and moving forward

When you purchase this 1 hour facilitation coaching you will get information to contact and schedule your appointment with either Lynette or Susannah.  If you need more than one hour of coaching, you can pay for any additional hours after your session(s).