LearningConnect® Success Story

Consumer Segmentation
Consumer Products – Hair Care



Develop a deeper understanding of consumer segments and their experiences with hair care products in order to create the Best in Class Portfolio Management. This work spanned multiple key brands in the hair care category and several brand teams.


Team StartUp and LearningConnect® Workshops (run simultaneously for multiple brands) with key consumer segments to better understand hair care habits, rituals, myths and the ideal experience. After completing the Data Collection workshops, Ah Ha! facilitated the team to harvest insights and create brand level action plans.


Abundant new consumer insights, compelling segment profiles and communication ideas that would resonate with each segments. Each brand articulated the Desired Consumer experience, trial and purchase barriers, price / value perceptions and identified insights for communication along with critical receptivity points. This process enabled the client and Senior Management to review the entire portfolio and determine how to best position each brand to span the broadest reach of consumers in the category.

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