• Working with Ah-Ha was a pleasure!
    I was able to rely on their expertise to enable a strong learning plan and elevated our output!

    Jennifer Arrowood
    Manager, Corporate CMK
    Procter & Gamble

  • Thank you so much for helping us.
    It is amazing what a change of technique and a slight variation on a question can produce!

    Kim Gervace
    Executive Director
    North Carolina Science Olympiad

  • As part of a team trying to understand consumers’ attitudes and philosophies about food preparation, I was a bit skeptical of Ah Ha!’s methods to their madness. However, as they led us and our consumers through the exercises, it became readily apparent that Ah Ha! knew EXACTLY what it was doing.
    Through their innovative system of templates and charts, we were able to uncover and capture the base roots of what we were striving to understand.
    I doubt there are many other ways to accomplish what we were able to – and in such a fun an exciting way!

    Joe Morello
    Smith-Dahmer Associates

  • It’s a beautiful thing when you can partner with a group that easily adds incremental value to your marketing efforts and your business.
    The Ah-Ha! team worked seamlessly with our team in gaining enormous insights into the consumer, understanding the implications, and developing smart strategy to capitalize on this new knowledge.

    Andy Whaley
    Brand Manager
    Bass Pro Shops

  • We got a lot more than we bargained for. In addition to fixing our business situation, the process also brought us together as a team. By learning together and by sharing our insights and our own “Ah has!” during the process, we emerged as a fully linked brand management team with a clear path in front of us. Personal agendas were put aside and the team found common ground and newfound respect for each other as professionals and as individuals.
    We didn’t see it coming, but the transformation of the team was even more profound than the transformation of the brand.

    Mark Justin
    President and General Manager

  • As a Innovation Marketer in a Fortune 500 company, I’ve developed a strong appreciation for the value and results we’ve achieved by collaborating with Ah Ha!. The unique methodology they use combines creative flexibility and structured objectivity. Their approach helps teams and individuals challenge traditional thinking, connect divergent thoughts and ultimately deliver key strategies. I always have a sense of confidence in what we deliver back to the organization.

    Tom Pellizzetti
    Pelagic Marketing Partners