EmployeeConnect™ brings team members together to envision the future of the organization, define the ideal work environment, shape their roles and begin to establish goals and objectives.employeeconnect-icon-color

Through the power of collaboration and conversation, each individual’s inherent wisdom and knowledge is tapped to create new possibilities and allow unseen connections and insights to emerge – all captured in a holistic way that builds clarity and shared understanding.

We got a lot more than we bargained for. In addition to fixing our business situation, the process also brought us together as a team. By learning together and by sharing our insights and our own “Ah has!” during the process, we emerged as a fully linked brand management team with a clear path in front of us. Personal agendas were put aside and the team found common ground and newfound respect for each other as professionals and as individuals. We didn’t see it coming, but the transformation of the team was even more profound than the transformation of the brand.

Mark Justin – President and General Manager

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