Innovation and Creativity

Creative Thinking for Problem Solving

Build your skill in Leading Innovation and Creativity

Immersive 2-day Leadership TrainingPublic workshop March 28-29.  Hosted @ Triangle J Council of Governments.  Registration is now CLOSED!  Seating is limited, add your name to the waitlist for our next session.

Private training for your organization also available.  Email for a custom proposal:

Facilitating Creativity

This interactive 2-day training provides you with a solid grounding in Innovation and Creativity through the Creative Problem Solving Process (CPS) and an assessment of your personal creative thinking preferences using FourSight*. We will share simple tips, time honored practices and visual thinking techniques you can apply right away to facilitate creativity and innovation sessions in a fun, imaginative, practical and visual way. You will explore how divergent and convergent thinking processes can help teams learn more, connect ideas faster and be more engaged in the process.

Start with Yourself – gain an awareness of your personal preferences for the innovation process so you can confidently tap into your natural abilities and seek assistance and understanding for the parts of the process you prefer less.

Understand the Team – consider your team’s creative thinking preferences and understand ways to work better together as you create.

Ground in the Process –learn the process steps to successfully guide a team through problem definition to creative solutions every time.

Learn Practices and Tools – support and enhance the creative process with foundational frameworks, visual tools and energizing activities to inspire divergent and convergent thinking.

At Ah Ha! we’ve learned from the best in the field and have spent over 20 years improving and evolving our own facilitation practice in the field of Creativity, Innovation and Organizational Learning. We are trained in CPS (Creative Problem Solving Process) and are certified practitioners of FourSight*; we have facilitated groups through Innovation processes; and have trained individuals around the world to apply Creative Thinking, use Visual Thinking tools and apply Facilitative Leadership principles in their everyday work and lives. * FourSight LLC, is an innovation company, dedicated to the science of good thinking. They develop research-based creativity and innovation tools, assessments and training designs proven to help individuals, teams and organizations solve complex problems more effectively.


FREE Introductory Workshop – Curious but not ready to register, come see what Innovation and Creativity is all about with an introduction to the Creative Problem Solving Process.  We will share a few simple practices you can do to gain Clarity, Generate more ideas, Develop your ideas and Implement innovative solutions.

2019 Dates coming soon @The Frontier – Fusion Room 12 pm.

No cost to attend, but seating is limited so please RSVP here with your REGISTRATION by email:



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