Lisa Mackay

Lisa Mackay

Certified Master Facilitator of LearningConnect® with Ah Ha!

Lisa has 18 years of facilitative leadership skills along with 28 years of consumer product development and design experience to help teams translate learning and knowledge into actionable business outcomes . She is passionate about translating consumer insights for commercialization along with product development and design.

Lisa has an AAS degree in Chemical Engineering Technology from Broome Community College in addition to continued education at the University of Cincinnati, where she focused on Business, Life Sciences and Veterinary Technology. Prior to working with Ah Ha!, Lisa was a Senior Scientist at Procter & Gamble for 28 years before retiring. During her tenure at P&G, Lisa was the only P&G internally Certified Facilitator and Design Leader of LearningConnect®. Lisa has expertise in R&D across multiple businesses including Beauty Care, Feminine Care, Pet Health & Nutrition, Family Care and Laundry.

How did you get here?
My work in the world led me here.

What do you bring to the table?
An innate ability to create something from ‘nothing’, knowledge transfer and transformation of the unobvious into the obvious.

What are you passionate about?
Living life to the fullest – not taking a free ride in my own life, my husband Wayne and animals.

What are you learning?
Trust in the universal flow of things, paying it forward and how to let go of what’s no longer needed.