Susannah Childers

Founder of Ah Ha! Co-Founder of IdeaConnect

Facilitator of Organizational Learning, Market Research, Strategic Planning, Knowledge Transfer & Innovation and all around fun and productive visual meetings.

Co-Founder of two companies, AH HA! (facilitation and consultation) and IdeaConnect (tools, workshops and training for Facilitative Leaders), Susannah’s work helps clients connect knowledge and experiences to drive innovation and discovery.

Susannah has a BA in Economics and Spanish from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Prior to founding and running the Ah Ha! and IdeaConnect businesses for the past 18 years, Susannah began her career at Helene Curtis (now Unilever) and worked for The Procter and Gamble Company connecting teams and driving innovation.

How did you get here?
By being aware of synchronistic events and staying in the flow of what is meant to happen. My life, education and work experience led me to connect with the current members of Ah Ha! to collaborate in bringing our interests together.

What do you bring to the table?
Personal curiosity; I am a connector of people and ideas; I have an ability to create enabling structures for people to come together.

What are you passionate about?
Learning and experiencing new things and ideas – through reading, study, conversation and travel. I am passionate about my family.

What are you learning?
I am learning about reflection and deepening awareness, being, working with energy and creating community and structures.