What Makes Ah Ha! Unique

  • A Revolutionary Approach – We are the creators of the LearningConnect® and KnowledgeConnect™ processes. Pioneering the application of visual thinking and collaborative learning for the field of consumer understanding and innovation.
  • Immersive and Intensive – All our group processes are highly engaging; customized to your needs and designed to be more effective than traditional approaches. Learn More.
  • A Skilled and Experienced Team – Our facilitators have extensive experience facilitating global, multi-functional teams in the creation and application of deep foundational and strategic knowledge to ensure teams achieve desired results. Meet the Team!

You know what
we are good at
(if we do say so ourselves)?

  • We are exceptional at designing powerful conversation formats – with consumers, customers and other stakeholders – that generate true knowledge.

  • We excel at bringing structure to nebulous and fluid team dynamics, especially on high profile projects.

  • We know how to enjoy learning… laugh & have fun!

  • We are passionate about creating innovative ways to support you in reaching your desired outcomes.

  • We’re skilled in listening for and creating awareness of organizational culture, particularly in complex organizational structures.