Our creative network unlocks infinite possibilities...

We work with some spectacular people!

Over the years, we have collaborated with some of the best creative talent in the world. We believe in partnering with the best out there and bring in team members who will support getting the work done.

Creators. Creatives. Community.

Some of our creative network:

Jim Nuttle - Graphic Artist

Jim is an expert in graphic recording (live and virtual) as well as design and illustration. His specific areas of focus include consumer products, healthcare, technology, defense and education. His work spans corporations, nonprofits and government clients at all levels to solve complex problems. He loves travel, animation of all sorts, fine bourbon, digging in the garden and is a recent convert to outdoor camping.

Katie Garry - Copy Director/Brand Storyteller

Katie is curious by nature, and uses empathy and listening to help brands create their voices, craft their stories and authentically bring them to life. Beyond being gifted with language, Katie is passionate about her family, Improv Comedy — where she's been honored to perform as a member of Cincinnati improv troupes Hot Prairie Nights and Wampus, and her podcast Six Degrees of Segregation where she helps share untold stories, amplify unheard voices and shows how bias might just be closer than you think.

Lee Kitchen - Magical Creativity Dude

Lee Kitchen is a 5-star Innovation Catalyst, Workshop Leader, Design Thinking Trainer and Seasoned Meeting Facilitator. During his 32 years at The Walt Disney Company, he helped create some of their most impactful marketing campaigns, memorable guest experiences and real-time operational efficiency changes. Now he serves companies hungry for innovation, internal creativity and fresh thinking. He’s a monster Star Wars fan, pop-culture pro and a real live DJ, complete with his own Twitch channel.

Emily Nichols – Creative Cataylst and Speaker

Emily brings a wealth of experience in manufacturing, from the shop floor to senior leadership in the food, chemical and steel industries. A keynote speaker, Emily inspires people to “change their shoes” and spend time where the work is being done …an approached we embrace at Ah Ha!. That’s not always comfortable, especially for technical teams. Emily walks her talk, demonstrating how technical people can lean into their human skills and become better problem solvers, team players, and leaders. And she’s fun! Emily summarized her Chemical Engineering Masters thesis in five Dr. Seuss rhymes.

Gloria Williams - Facilitator, Researcher and Expressive Arts Coach

Inspired by her passion to help people achieve their maximum potential, Gloria designs and facilitates custom research and development workshops. Born in Panama to a native mother and American father, she thrives in bilingual and bicultural settings as she finds ways to forge meaningful connections between people of all backgrounds. She is a natural coach with a knack for unearthing possibilities and identifying actionable insights for growth from within.

Dr. Jutta Kreiter – Pathfinder and Encourager

Jutta is passionately curious and driven by the desire to explore the yet unknown. As a founder and managing partner at Intulogic, she fuels teams/consumers to discover completely new paths by stimulating the neurons across all parts of their brains including the subconscious mind, encouraging teams to discover unarticulated territory. Jutta embodies the joyful spirit adventure, be it with her clients or with her family on safari deep into the Africa bushveld!

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